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Discover a brighter, healthier future with Medicity. Our digital health solutions are designed to make a positive impact on your patients by simplifying their healthcare journeys and to ensure superior outcomes and experiences.

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Our Purpose

Our team is passionate about leveraging technology to help clinicians improve patient journeys.


eCaptis - Simple and secure
monitoring of patient journeys

Discover eCaptis, your user-friendly solution for monitoring remote patient journeys using PROMs, PREMs, CROMs, educational content and patient goal plans.

Simple and Secure

Answer patient-specific questions with ease, knowing all data is safe in the cloud with no data on personal devices.

Instant Insights

Get feedback in real-time, laying the groundwork for quick clinical support.


Eve - An award-winning pregnancy app

Your revolutionary digital maternity platform crafted for new and expectant mothers and their partners. With user-friendly tools and a comprehensive library, Eve is designed to enhance every step of your pregnancy journey.

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Essential Support Tools

Mums can learn to monitor their baby's movements. They can also monitor their emotional well-being and keep tabs on their physical health.

Easy Appointment Tracking and a Reduction in Calls

Mums can use their mobile phone to effortlessly track appointments. Mums can optionally message midwives for support to reduce calls to the birth suite.

Our Markets

Our products provide benefits to a range of different use cases and markets.
Cardiology Rehab
Oncology Rehab
Allied Health
Mental Health (Public)
Mental Health (Private)

Customer testimonials

Discover what our users are saying about their transformative journeys

eCaptis is an innovative software solution, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing client care and connectiveness.

Through its automation of the CORAS (Client Outcome Rating Scale) process, eCaptis significantly reduces the burden of manual data entry, allowing clinicians to allocate more time to direct patient care.

Moreover, eCaptis automates Treatment Plans, facilitating seamless access for clients and fostering collaborative care among healthcare providers. Its comprehensive reporting capabilities make managing audits for private health insurance both manageable and thorough, ensuring compliance and efficiency in healthcare operations.

With eCaptis, we can optimise our workflows, enhance client satisfaction, and elevate the quality of care delivered.

Sharon Sherwood

Chief of Mental Health & Cabrini Outreach

Angela Jones
Cancer Exercise and Wellness Centre Coordinator

We love eCaptis here at Cabrini’s Cancer Exercise and Wellness Centre as this enables us to capture and respond to patient reported outcome measures through Supportive Care Screening.   

Without eCaptis we wouldn’t be able to screen patients affected by cancer and understand their psychological, physical, social, spiritual, and informational needs.

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